Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Hearts Big Government

Apparently Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker thinks government is the solution and the bigger the better. At least that's what you would think based on his plans to repeal a Milwaukee ordinance that the people of Milwaukee themselves overwhelming voted for (69%). Aren't keeping decisions local and shrinking the government two platforms of the Tea Party and modern conservatism?

The ordinance requires Milwaukee businesses to provide sick pay for their employees. Oh, I see now. The workers are asking for too much again. Their motive for the bill has nothing to do with business or government, it has everything to do with workers' rights. How dare the people of Milwaukee ask their businesses to treat their employees with a little decency.

The bill was passed in the Senate while the Wisconsin 14 were gone, and last week it passed in the Assembly. Walker hasn't signed it yet, though he is expected to. No matter what he does, this entire bill was a complete waste of the state's time and money, and I hope for the people of Milwaukee that Walker declares it so and vetoes the bill.

Scott Walker's email address:

By the way, three of the Republican 8 introduced the bill (SB 23): Glenn Grothman, Mary Lazich, and Alberta Darling.

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