Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Are Prosser Supporters Still Complaining About Recount

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Club for Growth has issued a statement against the recount for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. They say the Kloppenburg campaign wants "to invent reasons why Kloppenburg should be awarded thousands of phantom votes no one’s heard of yet; and to get in front of a judge willing to buy their arguments. Since a Dane County judge will likely decide, expecting this to work may not be stupid at all." They also posit if Kloppenburg can "steal a win."

It's as if they're trying to get ahead of some news they expect. The only reason to be against this recount is to prevent us from learning more. I find it really odd that only a few weeks ago, Prosser's campaign rightly said they were open to a recount. Nothing changed publicly since then. This all makes me quite confident that if anyone is trying to "steal this election" it's the Prosser campaign.

According to WisPolitics, there's already been two new discrepancies in Waukesha County. Wisconsin needs this recount, not just because of Kathy Nickolaus's suspicious behavior, not just because of the GAB's involvement in the Waukesha County error, not just because of other issues in the state, but also because Wisconsin hasn't seen a statewide recount in decades. Hopefully, a full investigation of our voting systems (if our leaders give us one) and a recount will give us some confidence.

You can watch a live stream of the recount in Waukesha County here.

Update: (April 29, 4:26pm) So, PolitiFact Wisconsin has gotten into the mix, again writing an article that doesn't belong on such a website. You can't claim something is "Barely True" just because the person saying it doesn't cite enough convincing evidence for you. Did they even think to consider that the Kloppenburg campaign wouldn't necessarily release information related to possible criminal activity? If you're going to state whether something is true or not, you have to do the research. When will we get a legitimate PolitiFact Wisconsin that includes at least one other organization?

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