Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Not Clear That Prosser Has Won Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

There have been many questions surrounding the official vote count provided by Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus. Currently, the Government Accountability Board is investigating the vote counts in Waukesha County for elections going back at least five years, and will not certify the results until they have completed the investigation. The public has no confidence in the count provided by Nickolaus.

The only reason Prosser is ahead now is because of the new numbers from Waukesha County, see the latest count. So, the vote counts in Waukesha County are critical, and we must know the truth. The Government Accountability Board won't certify the numbers until they finish their investigation, but they won't look at the actual ballots. We must demand answers now from Nickolaus before we can reach any reasonable conclusion.

Then, Kathy Nickolaus must resign for refusing to provide us trust and clarity.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites have already signed a petition for a bipartisan investigation into the vote counts in Waukesha County started by One Wisconsin Now. I urge you to add your name to the petition here and tell your friends and family about our request for a bipartisan and impartial investigation.

I implore you to help fix the issues with the election system in Waukesha County, and Wisconsin as a whole, by demanding clarification. Here are some easy and effective ways to help get that clarification.

We must demand real solutions to problems with our election systems. Unlike pseudo-solutions such as the Voter Distraction Bill (Senate Bill 6), which requires an ID to vote and only seeks to stifle valid voters, there are solutions that would noticeably improve our elections.

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