Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kloppenburg Must Request A Recount In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

It shouldn't have come to this, but since we're not sure exactly what happened in Waukesha County, it's a step towards getting some answers. People are rallying around the Capitol right now to show JoAnne Kloppenburg we support her. Anyone who says a recount is not warranted in this situation clearly wants to keep information from the public. This isn't just a case of possibly finding a few votes here and there. If serious discrepancies are found with the vote counts from Waukesha County, Kloppenburg could turn out to be just as far in the lead as Prosser appears now.

I have a strong feeling that we will find some serious discrepancies, criminal or not.

Our scrutiny shouldn't end with Waukesha County. The error causing the missing votes could have been an honest mistake, but it's shown us how easily our elections can be skewed by those who run them. We need to look deep into every county in Wisconsin with the same diligence as we do in Waukesha County.

You can still make your voice heard on this issue. Here are some easy and effective ways.

Update: (3:43pm) According to the State Journal, Kloppenburg will make an announcement regarding her decision to request a recount at 4pm.

Update: (3:52pm) The State Journal is tweeting that the GAB says Kloppenburg has officially requested a recount. I'll make a separate post when there's something more official to cite.

Update: (4:37pm) Info on the announcement is here. Short summary: Kloppenburg requesting statewide recount and full investigation.

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