Friday, April 29, 2011

PolitiFact Wisconsin Barking Up The Wrong Tree

So, PolitiFact Wisconsin has gotten into the "recount is not warranted" mix by again writing an article that doesn't belong on such a website. You can't claim something is "Barely True" just because the person saying it doesn't cite enough convincing evidence for you.

They aren't convinced that the Kloppenburg campaign gave enough evidence of "legitimate and widespread anomalies." Did they even think to consider that the Kloppenburg campaign wouldn't necessarily release information related to possible criminal activity? If you're going to state whether something is true or not, you have to do the research.

When will we get a legitimate PolitiFact Wisconsin that includes at least one other organization?

I've assembled a list of the issues we've encountered during this election which are reasons to demand a recount and an impartial investigation. I will continue to add to the list as more legitimate issues come to light. Anyone who claims these don't warrant a recount in such a close election, or really any election, wants to keep secrets from the people of Wisconsin.

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