Thursday, April 21, 2011

GAB To Request Permission To Delete Voting Machine Memory Before Recount

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Government Accountability Board "will file paperwork Thursday in Dane County Circuit Court to seek permission to clear the memory devices on some voting machines," destroying evidence from the original Wisconsin Supreme Court election results. They state 31 counties need to clear their devices "so ballots can be run through them again for the recount." The GAB must ask the court for permission, because Wisconsin law says that the devices cannot be cleared during a recount.

This appears to be true given this memo from the GAB on April 14th,
"We are receiving information from some county clerks who use [PROM] packs with tabulating equipment for their voting systems, and they report that they are unable to get sufficient additional [PROM] packs from their respective vendors to conduct the recount, while at the same time preserving and retaining intact the Election Day prom packs.

...This may mean getting judicial permission to clear memory devices for reuse during the recount"
This is absolutely unacceptable, and it's just another example of a real issue with our election systems in Wisconsin.

Update: (4:07pm) The candidates have agreed to a hand recount in these 31 counties. No erasing will be done. Thank God!

Update: (5:28pm) I posted more information here.

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