Monday, April 18, 2011

Wisconsin Republican State Senator Rob Cowles Still Telling Lies

When the Republicans voted for the collective bargaining rights-stripping bill, we knew that stripping those rights didn't save any money, because otherwise the Republicans wouldn't have been able to vote on the bill without the Democrats. However, when Governor Scott Walker admitted to that fact in front of the U.S. Congress the news still made big headlines. Now, I read an article from Sunday in which Senator Rob Cowles is still perpetuating that lie from two months ago. The article says that Cowles "believes the changes [in the bill] were needed to deal with the state's financial problems and doesn't hold Scott Fitzgerald responsible for angry blowback."

This is why Senator Cowles is one the of the Republican 8 being recalled. He is either lying or unwilling to listen to reason, because he continues to spread lies directly in the face of clear facts. We need representatives who will reason and vote based on facts not political friendships, and we need representatives who will take the time to learn the facts relevant to an issue. Senator Cowles does not provide the kind of leadership we need to solve the complex problems of today.

Senator Cowles, why do you insist on perpetuating this lie, and now that you know collective bargaining doesn't cost Wisconsin, why did you vote to strip those rights away?

Update: (1:49pm) Signatures are still needed for the recall of Senator Cowles. For information on how you can help, see the event calendar here and other information at

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