Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ron Johnson Doesn't Think Paul Ryan's Plan Does Enough To Hurt Us

I don't want you to miss this!

Friday, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Ron Johnson had his first news conference since taking office, but the only report I can find is from the Journal Sentinel which provides very little direct quotes (probably because he had very little new to say). The main takeaway, Johnson thinks the budget the Republicans passed in the House, Paul Ryan's, doesn't go far enough. Big surprise!

Still, it's important that we remember these things, we have to wait five and a half years to get this joke on Wisconsin out of office. (I'm usually not so irreverent, but this guy hasn't shown any value for Wisconsin or the U.S. Senate.)

Other statements of note
  • More oil drilling in the Gulf and Alaska will fix gas prices - False.
  • More tax cuts for the profit record-breaking oil companies are good.
There is a 3-part YouTube video though

FYI, I haven't combed through the videos yet.

!! Republican politicians don't care about you. Recall the Republican 8 !!

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