Monday, April 25, 2011

Recall the Republican 8! - Final Week

I visited my family for Easter this weekend in Senator Cowles's district, and I was fortunate enough to catch an ad called "Recall the Republicans." I absolutely love this ad!

We've already submitted more than enough signatures to recall five of the Republican 8 senators, which is incredible, but the Koch brothers and the Republicans have submitted enough signatures to recall three Democrats. We've sent a strong message to Walker and the Republicans, but we need to recall all of the Republican 8 to have a shot at retaking the Wisconsin Senate for the people. Because we've already seen the Republicans don't care about us.

We figure that Walker and the Republicans are planning to introduce financial martial law legislation similar to Michigan's. We could easily stop such a law if the Republicans don't have a majority in the Senate. Not only that, we could start introducing and debating real solutions instead of false solutions such as the collective bargaining bill and the voter distraction (suppression) bill. We'd also have a much better chance of preventing many calamities in Walker's budget proposal.

The quickest most effective way Wisconsin can move Forward is to recall all of the Republican 8, but we only have until May 2nd (Sunday, May 1st really). So the remaining three efforts can use any and all help they can get
We don't have much time, but I know that many people are working hard to recall Senator Robert Cowles, who still tells the lie that the collective bargaining bill saves money. In fact, my parents, who have already signed the recall petition for Cowles, were visited today by a volunteer. Please start thinking about making plans to spend just a few hours this weekend in one of these districts if you're not available to help during the week.

Wisconsin needs you.

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