Recall Elections

There are multiple Democrat candidates for Governor, and potentially more coming.
Therefore, there will be a primary on May 8 before the recall election for Scott Walker on June 5.

Recall campaigns successfully recalled five other Republicans in January 2012 as well:
  • Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
  • Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald
  • Senator Terry Moulton (Chippewa Falls)
  • Senator Pam Galloway (Wausau)
  • Senator Van Wanggaard (Racine)
There will also be Democratic primaries in all of these races since Republicans are again running fake Democrats. The primaries will all take place on May 8 with general elections on June 5.

Below is information on the 2011 Recall Elections.

6 of the Republican 8 senators have been successfully recalled. Republicans have successfully recalled 3 Democratic senators.

You do NOT need to show photo ID to vote in the recall elections. However, poll workers will ask to see your ID. Read this post for more information.

The Republicans are running fake Democrats in the elections to recall the 6 Republican senators in order to confuse voters and give the Republicans more time to gather out-of-state money. This forces primary elections on July 12 in which these fake candidates could win.

Whether the recall is for a Republican or Democrat, if it's in your district, it's vital that you vote to remove the Senate of far-right radicals and keep senators who stand up for the people of Wisconsin. Check here to see who your senator is.

The recall elections for the 6 Senate Republicans require a Democratic primary because of the fake candidates supported by the Republicans. The primaries will be held on July 12, and the recall election is moved to August 9. These are the real Democrats running in the July 12 primary elections:

You can donate to the real Democratic candidates on ActBlue.

The recall elections for the 3 Senate Democrats is July 19. These are the Democrats running in the July 19 elections:
  • Senator Jim Holperin - District 12
  • Senator Robert Wirch - District 22
  • Senator Dave Hansen - District 30

For more information, see the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board website.

In support of Wisconsinites who will find it difficult or impossible to vote in future elections and in protest of the Republican Voter Suppression Bill, voters who have the requested photo ID should refuse to show it when they vote in the recall elections. Don't take more time than is necessary. Politely say that you forgot your ID or don't want to show it in protest of the new law. Then, cast your ballot as is your right.