Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reid Ribble: Just Another Tea Party Candidate

Reid Ribble, U.S. Congressman from Wisconsin's 8th District (Fox Valley area), is just another Tea Party candidate looking for a re-up.

First, he signed a pledge to Grover Norquist that says he won't raise taxes, even if hell freezes over. The only pledge Ribble should be signing is the pledge to uphold the Constitution and serve his constituents. Norquist's pledge is toxic to a legislator's ability to keep his promise to his constituents, because at times such as war, taxes need to be increased to keep from growing the deficit. The pledge forces us into debt if we start a war.

Second, Ribble says he's for reducing the deficit, but his record doesn't show that. He voted for Paul Ryan's budget, which increases the deficit while reducing taxes on the wealthy and increasing our taxes. He voted over 30 times against ObamaCare, which also reduces the deficit and healthcare costs.

On ObamaCare, Ribble would like to take away your over $14.5 million in insurance premium savings. That's how much ObamaCare saved Wisconsinites on insurance premiums last year. There's also many other benefits of ObamaCare that Ribble would like to take away, like coverage under your parents' plan until age 26. Ribble doesn't care what it does for you, he just doesn't want Obama to have the revolutionary healthcare legislation on record. Anything to keep Obama down.

Finally, Ribble has done everything he can to stunt our economic growth in order to try to make Obama look bad. Ribble has refused to vote for any of the President's jobs legislation. He's also refused to vote to hire more teachers and fix our schools and infrastructure. All of these plans were shown to provide economic growth, but Ribble refused to vote for any. His continued obstruction will keep holding us back instead of moving us Forward.

Ribble once sent out a survey to constituents asking them to respond to the question paraphrased, "What is the cause of the gridlock in Congress?" Constituents were expected to choose one of a few multiple choice answers or "Other." None of the answers were the obvious partisanship. Instead, they were all regarding the state of the economy, i.e., the economy was causing the gridlock in Congress. Totally clueless to reality and shows why Ribble has no accomplishments to speak of.

Ribble has many "tele-town halls," but never provided early notification. Instead, he'd just call and leave a message if you weren't available. This means, Ribble would never include anyone with a day job in his "tele-town halls."

Reid Ribble's record shows, he would rather serve his corporate donors and Tea Party friends than the constituents of the 8th District.

Today, vote for Jamie Wall, a sensible and rational candidate instead of the Tea Party craziness of Reid Ribble.

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