Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Republican Gerrymandering Shows in Wisconsin

Wisconsinites confirmed with near record or record turnout their support for President Barack Obama and his policies, particularly the Affordable Care Act of which Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin was a prominent supporter. The statewide races weren't nearly as close as they had been predicted, with each winning by at least a few percentage points.

However, we're starting to see the effects of the Republican gerrymandering of the state in 2011. The GOP looks to have taken control of the state senate again. The tightly and secretly designed districts keep the state congress red when the state leans blue.

We're still waiting for the final tally for Senate District 18 where Jessica King (D) is the incumbent. It looks like a recount will be triggered.

This gerrymandering is toxic to our democracy and only worsens this country's partisanship. Wisconsin Republicans should be ashamed of their immoral tactics.

The biggest concern on the horizon is implementing an exchange for Wisconsin for the Affordable Care Act. Wisconsin clearly likes the Affordable Care Act, even if our red state congress doesn't represent that. Governor Scott Walker has refused to set the exchange up, even though the deadline is quickly approaching. He's already wasted a year and $38 million delaying the exchange. If these Republicans don't believe in the Affordable Care Act, how can we trust them to do a good job?

Wisconsinites expect excellent health care. Republicans and Governor Walker better make it happen!

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