Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Early Results in Wisconsin Look Good for Progressives

Wisconsin has already been called for Barack Obama, and we've elected Wisconsin's first woman U.S. Senator and the nation's first openly gay U.S. Senator. Congratulations to Tammy Baldwin, her staff, volunteers, supporters and voters! We made history today!

All of the networks have called the election for Barack Obama, winning Ohio to get to 270 votes. However, Mitt Romney won't get out of "The Bubble" and won't concede.

None of the U.S. House of Representatives races changed the make up of the House. Mark Pocan has won the 2nd CD vacated by Tammy, and Paul Ryan has kept his seat in the 1st CD. Tom Petri also won re-election, and I believe the rest of the races are uncontested.

Unfortunately, the Post Crescent reports that Jamie Wall has conceded to Tea Party Ribble. Fox Valley, you continue to disappoint!

Regarding state congressional races, it looks like "The Man Who Votes 3 Times" (Joel Kleefisch) will lose his seat. Now we need to break up the Fitzgerald family empire in Wisconsin.

It looks like Dave Hansen will keep his seat, but both races are still too early to call.

Overall, the results look like Wisconsin just didn't like the recall, but we're still a blue-leaning Progressive state!

Better days are ahead now that the Tea Party crazies couldn't convince the majority of voters to go back to the Bush policies.

Forward and On Wisconsin!

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