Monday, March 12, 2012

Voter Suppression Permanently Injuncted

Last week Tuesday, a Dane Country judge granted a temporary injunction halting the unconstitutional Voter Suppression Law that adds the historic and unjustified requirement of showing only certain types of photo ID to vote. Upset that they couldn't get their way, the far-right Republicans in control of Wisconsin ordered our Department of Justice to try to lift the injunction on Friday. Today, another judge told the Republicans, "The government may not disqualify an elector who possesses those qualifications not contained in Article III, such as a photo ID." The judge also granted a permanent injunction instead of a temporary injunction.

For those of you worried about increased voter fraud, the Voter Suppression Law wouldn't stop any of Wisconsin's previous cases of voter fraud. So, our elections are protected as well with and without the Voter Suppression Law.

No more IDs to vote, and probably never again! No more Republican voter suppression!


  1. It still goes to the State Supreme Court, however. If Roggensack doesn't do the right thing, the voter supression bill will be put back into law.

  2. You make a great point Alex, but there's also hope from the Federal government. Today, the US. DOJ blocked Texas's voter suppression law because it disproportionately affects Hispanic voters who are less likely to have proper ID.

    Judge Neiss noted that a ruling in favor of the voter suppression law would be judicial activism, and there are a total of four cases (2 state, 2 federal) against the voter suppression law. So far, the results are quite positive.