Friday, March 23, 2012

Republicans Waste Millions By Refusing To Fix Illegal Gerrymandering

Yesterday, a panel of three Federal judges, two Republican-appointed, and one Democrat-appointed, ordered the unconstitutionally gerrymandered maps fixed. However, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said there is "not a chance" the Republicans will be willing to fix their gerrymandering. The Republicans may have already spent over a million dollars in taxpayer money trying to keep their gerrymandering secret and defending it in court. If the Republicans won't fix the maps, new maps will be created through the courts and will likely result in millions of dollars in taxpayer money wasted on the Republicans gerrymandering our districts, because none of the new maps can be used until the maps are fixed.

The Democrats have been pleading on the side of Wisconsin citizens to fix the gerrymandering. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said, "We need to immediately begin to redraw the maps in a manner that is fully open and transparent and does not, in the words of the court, 'needlessly move' more than a million citizens of Wisconsin," and Senate Democrat Leader Mark Miller said, "It is ridiculous that Republicans would ignore a court order to fix an unlawful map."

Wisconsin can't afford to waste more money on this crap. Republicans, you clearly f-ed up, now man and woman up, and fix it!

Tell the Republicans to fix their unconstitutional gerrymandering instead of wasting more taxpayer money, and tell the Democrats to crank up the pressure in support of the rights of Wisconsin citizens. This is ridiculous!


  1. But, as of today, the state Senate is evenly divided! How does Fitzgerald still get to dictate terms? By just being obstinate? Well, it seems so!

    1. Exactly. Since the State Senate is split 50/50, if the parties don't come together, nothing gets done.

      Fitzgerald doesn't want to work together because he'll lose everything they worked in secret for.