Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mike Tate: Walker Could Learn A Lot From Doug La Follette

Mike Tate seems to think that Doug La Follette would be a good Wisconsin Governor. According to the lastest press release from the WisDems, Tate says that Scott Walker could learn a lot from the gubernatorial candidate Doug La Follette. From the press release:
"Scott Walker could stand to learn a lot from Doug La Follette about the Wisconsin Idea and the freedoms that made Wisconsin great. Whether it is our state's university and vocational-technical system or our record of protecting our abundance of natural resources to the belief that everyone should share in Wisconsin's progress, Doug La Follette has spent virtually his entire career fighting for Wisconsin values. His voice is a valuable addition to the great debate about Wisconsin's future."
La Follette announced his candidacy for governor this morning next to the Wisconsin Constitution in the Capitol's Rotunda. This is what La Follette had to say:
"I choose to stand here with the Wisconsin Constitution in the State Capitol, to announce my candidacy for Governor in the recall election of Scott Walker because it is thanks to what Governor Bob La Follette put into the document over 100 years ago which allows the people of Wisconsin to take back our state.

In the past 13 months, Walker has done much to damage Wisconsin. The worst being to divide us in a way that no one could have imagined. He has pitted business owners against employees, parents against teachers, and neighbor against neighbor.

There has been far too much hostility and focus put on how to divide us rather than focusing on how we can respect each other and work together to move Wisconsin FORWARD. As Governor, I will listen to, and respect ALL of the people of Wisconsin.

As governor, respect for all the people of Wisconsin would be the leading principle in setting my priorities. I believe that respect for business owners, all working people, parents, educators, city and town leaders and all Wisconsinites is the best way to grow our economy, invest in our children, and bring civility and respect back to our state.

Wisconsin needs to return to mutual respect for all Wisconsin citizens, including:
  • Respect for parents and teachers, who we depend on to educate and raise our children for the future
  • Respect for business owners and the people who work for them, helping to make their businesses thrive
  • Respect for all people's need for health care, especially women, family farmers and small businesses
  • Respect for the environment, which, as our great Sen. Gaylord Nelson often said, is critical for a healthy economy
  • Respect for people's rights to vote and organize
After much deliberation and time spent listening to my fellow citizens, I believe that I am the best choice to defeat Governor Walker in the upcoming recall election. I will be a Governor who can bring the state together again.

I am not viewed as a “Madison Liberal” and have always enjoyed broad support from Independents, Republicans as well as Democrats.

I am confident that with the help of concerned citizens from all across our state, we will be successful."
La Follette told WisPolitics, "I was expecting a David vs. Goliath situation with Mr. Walker and his millions of out-of-state monies. But now I see I face two goliaths. … I am saddened to see this primary election has turned into a big money, out-of-state money influence (campaign) with super PACs telling us how to vote."

Anyone who's been following this blog knows that I believe Doug La Follette is the candidate most able to defeat Walker and then move Wisconsin FORWARD.

You can read more about our Secretary of State Doug La Follette on his website and Meet the Walker Recall Candidates: Doug La Follette by Dane101. There is also a recent WisEye interview that really gives you a sense of the candidate and what he stands for.

La Follette plans to distribute nomination papers on Friday to begin collecting 3,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot. We'll only have a few days to collect enough signatures, so everyone's help is greatly appreciated. Email Doug at if you can collect some names, and he'll email you papers on Friday.

Unlike Scott Walker and Kathleen Falk, La Follette doesn't take money from corporations or special interest groups so your support in this effort is all the more essential, and as always, he greatly appreciates it. If you'd like to contribute to his campaign, you can donate online at ActBlue or send donations to his office at 1211 Rutledge #3, Madison, WI 53703.

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