Thursday, March 1, 2012

Walker Recall: No Fraudulent Signatures II

Monday, Walker conceded any challenge to the over one million recall signatures collected to give Wisconsin a chance to vote on the real Scott Walker. He couldn't even find one fraudulent signature, and neither could the four Republican State Senators who have been recalled. Now, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch has added her name to the list.

You may remember Rebecca as the wife of "the one who votes three times." She couldn't find one fraudulent signature in the over 845,000 signatures for her recall. Even though she had thrice the time normally given to challenge a recall. Kleefisch will not challenge a single signature, and no fake names were found by any recalled politician.

For those of you who still think there are a significant amount of fraudulent recall signatures, showing your distrust in Walker and the other Republicans, you can take solace in the fact that Walker got a judge to order the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) to verify each and every signature. Even though, they really only need to verify the first half for a recall. Just another way Walker has wasted taxpayer money.

The GAB is supposed to be done by March 19, but they have said they will need more time. They are meeting on March 12 to discuss how much time they'll ask for, and then a judge will have to grant the time (which he will). Maybe, just maybe, the judge will cut the GAB off at the signature threshold, so we waste less money.

Walker doesn't mind. He can collect unlimited funds until the GAB certifies the recall.

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