Friday, March 30, 2012

Barrett: Another Gubernatorial Candidate With Special Interests

It is Friday in Wisconsin, because there's more negative news. Tom Barrett just doesn't listen. The unions don't like him for whatever reason. The grassroots don't like him because he cozies up to special interests and Chicago politics. Even though Barrett has less union, grassroots and independent support than Kathleen Falk or Doug La Follette, Barrett announced late this afternoon that he will run for Wisconsin Governor to muddy the waters and try to take advantage of a weak front-running Falk. Who other than Rahm Emanuel wants you to run now?

Support from special interests hurts Democratic recall candidates, but Barrett just doesn't listen. In his announcement, he lies about his support from special interests, saying he doesn't cater to special interests. Really?!

This is why we need a real strong candidate who really doesn't cater to special interests, and that's Doug La Follette.

It really is time for you to pass the damn ball, ball-hog. There's already a petition for Tom Barrett to "fuck off."

The only difference Barrett brings to the campaign is a disconnect with unions. However, Wisconsin already has the "not in bed with unions" candidate, and that's Doug La Follette. He doesn't take money from ANY special interests. He's the true people's candidate with a campaign run for the people funded by the people.


  1. Ya, this guy has a weird style. I don't love it that's for sure.

    1. I could probably support Barrett in the primary if he wasn't such a tactical person who sucks at tactics. He should have gotten in earlier, and he definitely should have learned from Falk's mistake and stayed away from special interests.