Friday, June 17, 2011

Who Are The Real Democrats In The Wisconsin Recall Elections?

The Republicans have planted fake Democrats in the recall elections of each of the 6 Republican senators up for recall. They're doing this to confuse voters and give themselves more time to collect out-of-state money, because it forces a Democratic primary on July 12th instead of a recall election, and moves the recall elections to August 9th (4 weeks later).

I didn't get much information when I asked Google, "Who are the real Democrats in the Wisconsin recall elections?" In fact, I got more information on who the fake Democrats are than who the real Democrats are. So, I figured it would be helpful to write a post with a little information on the real Democrats in the recall elections of the 6 Republican senators.

These are the real Democrats running in the recall of Republicans:
You can donate to the real Democratic candidates on ActBlue.

Please, make sure you vote in the Democratic primaries on July 12th if you are in one of those districts. The Republicans are hoping and praying that their fake candidates win because we didn't show up for the primaries and their operatives did.

I also created a page of information on the recall elections which I will update as more information becomes available.

Remember, you do NOT need to show photo ID to vote in the recall elections. However, poll workers will ask to see your ID. Read this post for more information.

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