Recall Campaigns

Over one million signatures have been collected to recall Governor Scott Walker! That's double the 540,208  signatures required to recall Walker and nearly the amount of people who voted for him. Walker didn't challenge a single signature.

Recall campaigns successfully recalled five other Republicans in January 2012 as well:
  • Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch - 845,000+ (540,208 required)
  • Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald - 20,600+ signatures (16,742 required)
  • Senator Terry Moulton (Chippewa Falls) - 21,000+ signatures
  • Senator Pam Galloway (Wausau) - 21,000+ signatures
  • Senator Van Wanggaard (Racine) - 24,000+ signatures
Primaries will take place on May 8 with general recall elections on June 5. For more information, see the Recall Elections page.

Below is information on the 2011 recall campaigns.

Recall elections will be held July 12th for 6 Republican senators and July 19th for 3 Democratic senators.

Below is information on the recall campaigns that led to the elections. is organizing efforts to recall the Republicans who lied to Wisconsin and voted to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers, as well as Gov. Scott Walker for refusing to negotiate with public workers and opponents of his bill, playing dirty political tricks, and listening more to out-of-state billionaires like the Koch brothers than Wisconsinites. More information on volunteering and status can be found at
Republican 8 Districts in Red
The deadline to collect signatures for the remaining Republican 8 recall campaigns is May 2nd.

The latest specific information on the recall campaigns for the Republican 8 Wisconsin State Senators:
Check here to see who your senator is.

Other opponents of workers' rights who have publicly supported Walker are:
Some of these people are in elections soon, and be sure to ask all candidates if they support collective bargaining rights for all employees. We need to know where candidates stand before we vote.

Americans for Prosperity appears to be setting up recall committees for a few Democrats. If you're interested in those recalls, please contact the Koch brothers or someone else from Americans for Prosperity.