Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Fight Continues

I don't think anyone could have anticipated yesterdays turn of events. They figured out a way to push the part of the bill stripping worker rights through and they did it. Word is that it will be approved in the Assembly today.

So, it's now totally clear that Scott Walker and the Republicans have an agenda - there will be no reasoning with them, there will be no bi-partisanship. I think that now that they have done that as they shove more and more legislation through with all Republicans voting yes, and all the Democrats voting no - it will be like sharks to blood. This will not be better, it will get worse. We have to go after them at the ballot box.

Our first chance to do that is the Supreme Court race on April 5. Prosser has huge backing from the Walker group - watch for ads very soon that praise Prosser and discredit JoAnne Kloppenburg.

JoAnne has to win this election - we cannot have Walker backed Prosser win.

I think the angle has to be Prosser = Walker. The latest polls I've seen have Walker's approval rating well below 50%, so if we can associate Prosser with Walker, it should take him down.

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  1. We also need to think about linking Kleefisch with Walker's recall.

    If Walker steps down the job goes to Kleefisch who may go further than Walker, and Walker might do it if he feels he will be recalled.