Monday, March 28, 2011

Scott Walker Begins Implementing Unpublished Collective Bargaining Bill

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch is beginning to implement the changes in the collective bargaining bill despite the bill being unpublished and under judicial examination. These changes include the reduction in wages and increased benefit payments, which have already been entered in the computer system for the current pay period. Huebsch says he believes that it's his "legal responsibility to begin enactment of the law." However, according to the agency which published the bill online, their action did not enact the law.

In fact, the agency states, and all of the relevant legal experts believe that the Secretary of State must publish the bill before it can be considered law, this is why the administration is appealing a judge's court order. The judge put a temporary restraining order on the Secretary of State, barring him from publishing the bill. If the Walker administration felt that they could simply ask the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to enact the collective bargaining bill instead of waiting until the Secretary of State can do so, why bother appealing? The administration needs to stop wasting tax payer money and drop the appeal, or they need to acknowledge that the bill is not law.

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