Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mayor Shows What Collective Bargaining Looks Like

Here's a bit of good news. Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz announced today that the city has reached an agreement with the local AFSCME union to extend their contract before the bill stripping their collective bargaining rights becomes law. Mayor Dave said the union offered the financial concessions that were agreed to, saving the city nearly $3 million in 2012. If other unions make similar agreements, the city could save over $10 million in 2012. In the press conference, it's noted that this deal couldn't have been done if it weren't for the Wisconsin 14 leaving the state to give them time. From Mayor Dave in the announcement,
"This is another example of how collective bargaining works for everyone’s interest."
I believe other cities have reached similar agreements with their local unions or are in talks to, because Walker was complaining about cities working with unions to try to reach deals before the bill passed.

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