Monday, March 7, 2011

Tractor Parade Saturday at the Capitol

This Saturday at 10am, farmers from across the state will be driving their tractors around the Capitol in a "tractorcade."

Next week, farmers from across the dairyland will bring tractors and solidarity to the WI capitol to fight for labor rights and a just state budget. Rural communities will be disproportionately hurt by the cuts to education and BadgerCare, as well as Gov. Walker’s decision to eliminate funding for other sustainable agriculture initiatives such as the Buy Local Buy Wisconsin program.
Family farmers in Wisconsin stand with state workers, and all working and middle class families in the state.  An injury to one is an injury to all!  The event is sponsored by Family Farm Defenders, Wisconsin Farmers Union and Land Stewardship Project, among many others.   All farmers and eaters welcome and encouraged to come!
You can also sign up for this event and spread the word through Facebook:
That will definitely be something to see!
Tractors will take John Nolan Drive into Madison starting around 9:45 am and will circle the State Capitol once between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.
Speakers will address the rally after the tractorcade, beginning around 12:00 Noon.   Invited speakers include:   Joel Greeno, Dairy Farmer, Sarah Lloyd,  Dairy Farmer, Tony Schultz, Vegetable and Beef Farmer, and Jim Hightower, national commentator and former Texas Agriculture Commissioner.  Additional speakers and musical artists to be announced.
If you are a farmer please wear GREEN!    We would like to be able to see you all in the crowd!   Others are encouraged to bring placards, cow bells, and other signs of solidarity.
Update: (3/11/2011) The times have changed to 10am-2pm.

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