Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Judge Blocks Walker From Implementing Collective Bargaining Bill

Well, the big news tonight is that Dane County Judge Sumi blocked implementation of the unpublished collective bargaining bill. Since the Secretary of State hasn't published the collective bargaining bill in the official state newspaper, the bill is not yet law. The Secretary of State was earlier temporarily blocked from publishing the bill, the state is appealing the process. However, while appealing the process, the Republican administration, under the direction of Governor Scott Walker, have begun implementing policy which is not yet law.

The administration says they are still evaluating the order. Which is interesting, because they've had time to prepare for this hearing, and the judge simply reiterated what she said over a week ago. They should have seen this coming a mile away, and should have been prepared with a response. This tells me that they're still trying to determine the legal wording that allows them to implement the bill as it stands. At every step in the process to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights, the Republicans have pushed the boundaries of the law, and in some cases have acted as if they don't understand parts of it.

If Walker and the rest of the Wisconsin Republicans, besides Dale Schultz, can be so careless with the written law, how can they be trusted to follow it and enact proper legislation?

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