Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wisconsin Doesn't Look Good In Red

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, the economic trend in Wisconsin over the last 3 months has been sharply down. It's been far worse here in Wisconsin than any other state, as depicted by the stark red shaded Wisconsin in the map above.

The map comes from a report put together monthly by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia which tracks the economic trends of each state.  This isn't good news for Wisconsin, which has traditionally had a much better economy than other states.

Look at Illinois, the state Walker thought people would be flocking to Wisconsin from. They sure aren't flocking here, those pesky "job creators". Let this be a lesson, Republicans suck at the economy! All the red and pink states have Republican governors.

Thanks a lot Scott "Where Are The Jobs?" Walker!  That's what we get for asking a college drop-out to be career politician to lead this state.  Good thing we have over 507,553 signatures to recall your butt, we'll get at least another 250,000 in the next month.