Friday, March 9, 2012

Scott Walker Confirms He's Under Investigation - Sets Up Legal Defense Fund

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker confirmed today that he is under investigation by the FBI in their secret John Doe probe. Walker announced that he has set up a legal defense fund (JS paywall). For the first time in Wisconsin history, a sitting governor has set up a legal defense fund. According to Wisconsin Statutes, the only way that Walker is permitted to set up such a fund is if he "is being investigated for or charged with a violation of campaign finance laws or prohibited election practices." So, Walker most likely is "John Doe," and it looks like the rumors of a possible arrest and subsequent resignation by Walker aren't without some merit. Walker made the announcement late Friday to try to keep this as quiet as possible, and Daniel Bice from the JS noticed Walker must be under investigation to start the fund.

Walker already announced last month that he hired two big-time criminal defense lawyers from Chicago and Milwaukee to represent him in the investigation (JS paywall). The scandal has always pointed to Walker, who was only feet away from a convicted aide, several others who have been charged, and a secret email network. Now, Walker has confirmed our suspicions.

Update: Daniel Bice now points out that there appears to be a consensus among election lawyers that Walker has confirmed he is under investigation or has been charged. A Walker spokesperson says that "Walker has been told that he is not a target in this investigation," but that appears to be another lie, because if he isn't, then how is he not violating Wisconsin law right now? Neither Bice nor WisPolitics received a straight answer.

Scott Walker IS John Doe.

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  1. Walkers top backers have been convicted of numberious crimes. Dirty deals with terrorists is just one of many Koch crimes most Wisconsin citizens have not heard much about. End the silence, EXPOSE Koch Crimes and help break Walkers Koch addiction: