Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recall Elections: Waukesha County Suspiciously Withholding Election Results

Ed Schultz on MSNBC is reporting that Waukesha County has told reporters that they are withholding their election results until tomorrow. Waukesha County is part of the heated district race between Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling. John Nichols told Ed that there is no reason for such a delay and that Waukesha County should be able to report as quickly as everyone else.

You may remember Waukesha County and Kathy Nicholaus who just happened to lose and then later find enough votes to give the election to the Republican-backed David Prosser in the April Wisconsin Supreme Court race. This BS was supposed to be resolved after that election, but apparently Wisconsin and the GAB are happy to have a flaky and untrustworthy County Clerk in Kathy Nicholaus. State Senator Jon Erpenbach told Rachel Maddow tonight that "Waukesha County should have been one of the first counties reporting" and is now an issue.

Ed said that several sources have told him this may lead to an investigation to protect the integrity of our elections, and I hope it does. Ed also reported that Democrat Chair Mike Tate has issued a statement saying that Kathy Nicholaus "is tampering with our elections," and they will plan their response in the next hour.

Updated: (11:23pm) Ed Schultz reported that Waukesha County is now telling reporters they won't provide results until some time tomorrow. The delay was originally reported to be one hour. More info here.


  1. lol what a joke, lib tactics 101, when libs lose they lie, vilify, than begin personal attacks. Illinois labor tells WI libs what to think and say, but Walker ownes you and you must obey!

  2. When the same person in the same place keeps up the suspicious behavior over and over you have to wonder.