Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Successful Recalls of Republicans - Dems Won't Pursue Questions of Irregularities

Earlier, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate said Waukesha County Kathy Nicholaus was sitting on and tampering with votes. Waukesha County had told reporters that they would withhold their results until tomorrow without reason. However, within an hour after the announcement by Tate, Waukesha County has now fully reported, and the AP has called the race for Albert Darling. The Wisconsin Democrats have since issued another statement.
"On Tuesday night, Wisconsin spoke loud and clear with the recall of two entrenched Republicans. This is an accomplishment of historic proportions that I do not wish to be overshadowed by statements regarding results in the 8th Senate District.

Though we believe that Sandy Pasch was able to battle Alberta Darling to a virtual tie, on her turf, we will not pursue questions of irregularities. Those heat-of-the-moment statements came in light of the uncertainties that arose from a recent election, known too well.
The fact of the matter remains, that, fighting on Republican turf, we have begun the work of stopping the Scott Walker agenda."
If there are issues with our elections, they should be investigated whether the results change the election or not, and I believe the Wisconsin Democrats should pursue any questions, not to try to change the election, but to ensure our elections are truly fair and secure. If there are no longer any questions, the Democrats should be clear. The Wisconsin Wave is calling for people to be ready to mobilize Wednesday for possible issues in Waukesha County.

Following are the latest results:

2nd Senate District
Robert Cowles, R - 60% (winner)
Nancy Nusbaum, D - 40%
100% reporting

8th Senate District
Alberta Darling, R - 54% (winner)
Sandy Pasch, D - 46%
99% reporting

10th Senate District
Sheila Harsdorf, R - 58% (winner)
Shelly Moore, D - 42%
100% reporting

14th Senate District
Luther Olsen, R - 52% (winner)
Fred Clark, D - 48%
100% reporting

18th Senate District
Jessica King, D - 51% (winner)
Randy Hopper, R - 49%
100% reporting

32nd Senate District
Jennifer Shilling, D - 55% (winner)
Dan Kapanke, R - 45%
100% reporting

Democrat winners will take their seat immediately, removing Senators Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke. The next battle is to recall Scott Walker so that we can begin restoring and improving Wisconsin.

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