Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All Democrats Retain Seats In Wisconsin Recalls

The AP has called both of today's recall elections for the Democrats, making all three Republican attempts failures. Democratic Senator Dave Hansen retained his seat in the first recall election on July 19. Senators Bob Wirch and Jim Holperin retained their seats following their big wins in today's elections in Senate Districts 12 and 22.

The Democrats were able to remove two Republicans from office in the August 9th recall elections. The Republicans maintain majority in the State Senate, but only by one, leaving Republican Senator Dale Schultz (who voted against Walker's collective bargaining rights-stripping bill) as the "king-maker" for many situations in the future. This should make Walker's anti-worker and anti-middle class policies more difficult to pass from now on, which is exactly what we wanted.

Following are the latest results:

12th Senate District
Jim Holperin, D - 55% (winner)
Kim Simac, R - 45%
95% reporting

22nd Senate District
Bob Wirch, D - 58% (winner)
Jonathan Steitz, R - 42%
100% reporting

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