Friday, November 4, 2011

Walker Gets Koch-Fueled Head Start in Recall

This afternoon news broke that the Walker recall unexpectedly started today, nearly two weeks before Democrats planned on beginning. The recall petitioner, David Brandt, is a Walker donor and named the committee the "Close Friends to Recall Walker." So it's the Republicans behind this preemptive start. But why would the Republicans want to start Walker's recall early?

It all comes down to fundraising for the "Close Friends of Walker." Next week, Walker will be traveling across the country to Koch brother-backed fundraising events filled by attendees with very deep pockets. Wisconsin law allows the targets of recall campaigns to raise an unlimited amount of funds to defend themselves, but normally politicians have strict fundraising limits. Since the recall has started, Walker can raise as much money as possible and come back to Wisconsin with millions. The November 15 start for the recall planned by the Democrats would take place after Walker's trip.

Now, Walker can use the millions he'll get to spam the airwaves with ads begging us to not sign the recall petition before the Democrats and the people of Wisconsin even get started. Walker and the Republicans are running scared, but they're going to make this an uphill battle. Join the Recall Walker effort at the Wisconsin Democrats RecallHQ where you can also get the latest information including news, events and how you can help.

The Recall Walker Kick Off Rally will take place in Madison at the State Capitol on Saturday, November 19th at 1pm.

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