Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WI Attorney General Van Hollen Declines Work - Deserves An Investigation

Apparently J.B. Van Hollen is too busy for real AG work, because he's declined to investigate potential election fraud in Waukesha County and former Walker aides who may have violated law. Van Hollen declined to help the FBI with their secret Walker investigation after they requested his assistance. The FBI doesn't waste time, there's definitely a fishy smell emanating from the Walker camp. Yet, Van Hollen spent years investigating voter fraud when no rational mind suspects an issue of any real significance, and the results were what we expected, no significant voter fraud.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsinites and several high-profile people asked Van Hollen to investigate the glaring election issues in Waukesha County after the Supreme Court election in which David Prosser won by a very small margin, where significant election fraud may have occurred. However, J.B. Van Hollen declined to make any effort to investigate. Instead, the Government Accountability Board appointed a special investigator, Timothy Verhoff. Verhoff has now completed his investigation, only a few months later. Was the office of J.B. Van Hollen really so busy that they couldn't investigate?

Now, the FBI has asked J.B. Van Hollen to assist in their previously secret investigation of former Walker aides. What could possibly make Van Hollen believe the FBI is wrong in investigating these aides? If the FBI is wrong, shouldn't Van Hollen assist the FBI in coming to that conclusion?

Putting this all together what picture do we paint? Van Hollen has a very selective bias when it comes to what he chooses to investigate, but a very simple threshold. Will the investigation help Republicans? Yes, then investigate. No, then keep as quiet as possible. The investigations into voter fraud created a buzz around the words "voter fraud," most likely enabling the passage of the Voter Suppression Bill, which helps Republicans win more elections by suppressing votes for Democrats. Investigating election fraud in Waukesha County during the Supreme Court election could have resulted in a win for Kloppenburg, hurting Republicans, but keeping quiet left the status quo. Assisting the investigation of former Walker aides could potentially bring light to areas the FBI is dark on, potentially incriminating more aides and Walker himself. That would for sure hurt the Republicans, but keeping quiet can only help.

I'm sorry Mr. Van Hollen, but the people of Wisconsin, your employer, want you to do your job! You don't get a big fat paycheck to investigate only the things you're interested in. J.B. Van Hollen, you are a disgrace to your position and the State of Wisconsin. I think it's time for an investigation of J.B. Van Hollen's office, if there isn't already an ongoing secret FBI investigation. Tell Wisconsin why you won't investigate these very serious allegations when you'll investigate frivolous claims for years.

Want more reason to suspect politicizing by Van Hollen, check this out:

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  1. On the Pennsylvania election-rigging story

    and, the Wisconsin story, which could have been an actual event...

    The delay in obtaining voter id may not be the only problem they are facing... this video which has not had much publicity is a documentary which reveals proof of voting machine rigging on previous elections and the same system is being used today across the nation.

    It is quite lengthy but you must watch it in its entirety. The national election will be rigged and the only way to stop it is to get this message and video out to all voters so as to bring a return to voting the old fashion way... i.e., without anyone using electronic voting machines.

    Unless we can get this message out to the masses and all people in charge of the voting polling places we as a nation will be screwed and the ones behind these machines will continue to deliver the votes in exchange for secrete corporate big money.

    The advent of the voting machine being manufactured by the private vending industry... i.e., (gaming industry) will continue to operate the way they always have... dishonest and corrupt all in the name of profit... casting your vote with an electronic voting machine is like pulling the lever on a slot machine...

    The odds of a democrat winning since the citizens united ruling is about the same as winning the jackpot or a one legged man winning an ass kicking contest

    Bleep, we're screwed

    View Bev Harris, hackign Democracy here:

    Posted by John Doe