Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wisconsin Recall Success Spreads To Ohio

After seeing the Democrats in Wisconsin taking Governor Scott Walker's working majority away from him, Ohio Governor Kasich has backpedaled from Ohio Senate Bill 5 (Ohio's equivalent to Walker's collective bargaining rights-stripping bill), asking to work with opponents to amend the law instead of continue a voter referendum effort to repeal the entire law. The most recent poll in Ohio showed that Ohio voters favor repealing the law 56% to 32% against. The law was passed essentially the same as ours, without negotiation or any real debate, but now, just like Walker, Kasich is trying to look like he can be bipartisan.

We Are Ohio (Ohio's equivalent to We Are Wisconsin) told Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tonight that Kasich's backpedal is due directly to the success of the recall efforts in Wisconsin, and We Are Wisconsin told Rachel that they agree. The momentum is with the rights of workers and the middle class, no longer the Tea Party, and it's spreading beyond Wisconsin.

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