Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recall Elections: At Least One Republican Recall Successful - Senate Majority In Reach

The first Republican to fall in the recall elections is Dan Kapanke as the AP called the race for Jennifer Shilling. The AP has also called 3 races for the Republicans: Robert Cowles, Sheila Harsdorf and Luther Olsen. The Democrats lead the 2 uncalled races. If the Democrats win both of those races, they will overtake the majority of the Wisconsin Senate, fulfilling the promise of the recalls (as long as there isn't another Waukesha surprise).

2nd Senate District
Robert Cowles, R - 58% (winner)
Nancy Nusbaum, D - 42%
92% reporting

8th Senate District
Sandy Pasch, D - 55%
Alberta Darling, R - 45%
43% reporting

10th Senate District
Sheila Harsdorf, R - 58% (winner)
Shelly Moore, D - 42%
97% reporting

14th Senate District
Luther Olsen, R - 52% (winner)
Fred Clark, D - 48%
100% reporting

18th Senate District
Jessica King, D - 50%
Randy Hopper, R - 50%
87% reporting

32nd Senate District
Jennifer Shilling, D - 55% (winner)
Dan Kapanke, R- 45%
82% reporting

You can watch the recall elections results live on MSNBC.

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