Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recall Elections: 3 Democrats Needed For Senate Majority Leading Results

In the recall elections for the 6 recalled Republican Senators, the Associated Press has called the races for Robert Cowles and Sheila Harsdorf, while Democrats in 3 other races are leading their recalled opponents. The Democrats need 3 wins to overtake the Senate, the only thing that can help slow down the Walker damage to Wisconsin.

2nd Senate District
Robert Cowles, R - 58% (winner)
Nancy Nusbaum, D - 42%
91% reporting

8th Senate District
Sandy Pasch, D - 56%
Alberta Darling, R - 44%
39% reporting

10th Senate District
Sheila Harsdorf, R - 58% (winner)
Shelly Moore, D - 42%
82% reporting

14th Senate District
Luther Olsen, R - 54%
Fred Clark, D - 46%
96% reporting

18th Senate District
Jessica King, D - 52%
Randy Hopper, R - 48%
23% reporting

32nd Senate District
Jennifer Shilling, D - 54%
Dan Kapanke, R- 46%
82% reporting

You can watch the recall elections results live on MSNBC, continuing through 10pm.

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