Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why Are Fitzgerald and the Republicans Refusing To Work?

The regular legislative session in Wisconsin has ended for the year, leaving our state legislators practically on vacation for the remainder. However, like most Wisconsinites, there's lots of work the legislators still need to do this year, but Senate Co-Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is refusing to do his job and bring his party to a special session. Fitzgerald is wasting millions of taxpayer money by refusing to do his job.

The first most critical is fixing the Republicans' illegal gerrymandering. Until it's fixed, no one in Wisconsin will have proper representation, because none of the new maps can be used until the gerrymandering is fixed. Right now, Fitzgerald is planning to waste more taxpayer money in court instead of following court orders and simply doing his job.

The next thing they need to do is pass the Republicans' only jobs plan. There's enough votes in the Senate to pass the Wisconsin Way Mining Reform Act with the Democrats and Republican Dale Schultz. Yet, Fitzgerald is refusing to bring the Senate back to pass it. The Republicans promised they would pass a mining bill as their jobs plan.

There are lots of other things that need to be done, like more jobs plans that have been put forth by the ignored Democrats. All of this can be done if the Republicans keep their word and begin a special session.

It sounds like Fitzgerald would rather spend his time in the nice spring weather getting ready to defend himself against a recall than actually work for Wisconsin. Lot's of unemployed people in Wisconsin would love to work at a job, but they're out of luck because Fitzgerald can't bring himself to do his.

Last year, the Democrats were forced to work outside of the state in order to be able to negotiate with the Republicans over the "budget repair bill." The Republicans tried to blame the Democrats for not working for the citizens of Wisconsin, but it was clear that they were still communicating with citizens and negotiating with other legislators from outside the boundary of the state. Now, the Republicans are refusing to do any work towards their promises, no negotiations, nothing. It's time for Wisconsin to start asking why the Republicans aren't working.

Why are the Republicans refusing to do the work they promised Wisconsin they would do?

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