Monday, March 26, 2012

Let Us Pass A Mining Bill Now

With the State Senate split 50/50, the far-right Republican leadership now must work with Democrats to pass mining legislation. Let's get it done. We've got illegal gerrymandering to fix anyway. Two birds, one stone.

In fact, the Democrats have enough votes with Republican Senator Dale Schultz to pass the Wisconsin Way Mining Reform Act right now. It doesn't curb environmental protections, and it gives Gogebic Taconite what they want.

The Republican leadership was planning on a special session for mining legislation, but they cancelled it. The only reason they planned the special session was to prevent passage of the Wisconsin Way Mining Reform Act in the regular legislative session. The planned special session made it impossible for the Democrats to vote on the WWMR Act. Then, the Republicans blamed Democrats and Schultz for not passing new mining legislation, when in fact it was their inability to compromise with even others within their own party that prevented a bill from passing.

Now it's time for the Republican leadership to make good on their word. We need a special session on mining to pass the only jobs plan the Republicans have.

We all know the Republicans won't make good on their word and even just start a special session for mining legislation, but our calls to begin one will shine a bright light on their hypocritical stubbornness.

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