Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Waukesha Poll Workers Illegally Turned Down Voters for No ID

Waukesha is at it again with Wisconsin elections. Poll workers in Waukesha illegally disenfranchised at least one elderly voter for not having her photo ID when photo IDs are not required to vote. An elderly woman and her daughter were asked by poll workers for their ID. When they didn't have one and were told they couldn't vote, they called the Wisconsin GAB. The GAB has confirmed the incident happened.

IDs haven't been required to vote since two judges found the law unconstitutional. There doesn't appear to be any legal reason that the rulings will be overturned. So, please make sure people know they don't need an ID. Maybe someone standing in line in Waukesha could have informed the poll workers of their illegal disenfranchisement.

From the way it sounds, these poll workers were asking everyone for an ID, and these two voters didn't try until near the closing of polls. How many people were illegally disenfranchised for not having IDs?

I guess we might find out tomorrow when the Waukesha Deputy City Clerk explains at least this incident. Why does it always take a day for Waukesha to explain incidents in elections that should be very easy to explain?

The voter suppression by far-right people in Wisconsin must end now! Bombing medical clinicsbringing guns to vote, and subs for votes. These guys will do whatever it takes.

Update: (4/4 12:17am) Thanks to O for pointing out that a polling place in Fitchburg was asking voters for IDs. However, I can't find any information as to whether any voters were actually turned away or left before they were allowed to vote. Was anyone unable to vote for not having an ID in Fitchburg or anywhere else?

Update: (4/4 8:24am) It also appears that Waukesha County is having problems counting votes AGAIN.


  1. The only thing is, this screw up would have effected voters randomly. Not like targeting expected Democrat voters. The poll workers couldn't have known how the elderly lady would have voted would they? And if Waukesha County is at all like they say all the time, wouldn't she have had a greater likelihood of being a Republican?
    So it's dumb and unprofessional, but it's not like the same as when people say large blocks of students or low income people are prohibited from voting, it would have been a random incidence of Waukesha voters of ANY party who happened to be without ID on that day and were incorrectly asked for it.
    A screw up, but without the same effects as a targeted conspiracy? I love conspiracy so don't get me wrong, but...unless more details point it in that direction I'm not seeing it.

    1. I would add that, since the law requiring IDs to vote unconstitutionally targets certain types of voters, than asking for IDs to vote does the same. The poll workers don't need to know how you'll vote, the statistics say that they'll be disproportionately disenfranchising Democratic voters. However, it doesn't matter who they're disenfranchising - it's illegal.

  2. I completely agree, O, and I wasn't implying the poll workers are part of some conspiracy to suppress votes for Democrats. Disenfranchising voters is illegal and unethical no matter who's doing it and who's voting.

  3. There was an incident in Fitchburg as well but that seems to not be making the rounds of blog headlines. Perhaps it does not fit as neatly into stereotyping preferences these days. I see a lot of Lefty bloggers screaming Waukesha! but I seem to be the only one going around annoying people by writing in "Fitchburg" in the comments.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the Fitchburg incident. I didn't know. However, it doesn't appear as though anyone was actually turned away in Fitchburg. Also, we know that the poll workers apparently called the Waukesha City Clerk to confirm IDs were required. So, there appears to be only one polling place in Fitchburg that only asked voters for IDs, and there may be multiple polling places in Waukesha that were instructed to ask for IDs and actually turned voters away. We won't know until we hear more from Waukesha tomorrow.

      If voters were turned away anywhere it needs to be brought up. It's not like the voter ID law being struck down was quiet news or, and these people should know whether this law is in effect or not.

      My goal is to try to make sure no one is turned down to vote for not having an ID.

  4. NOW Kathy N. certainly looks insane/incompetent yet again. Absolutely
    My earlier resistance was becuz I have been very disturbed to see the startling prevalence of sensationalism, selective fact "reporting", and even outright re-write of facts amongst "Lefty" bloggers and other freelance mouthpieces. On some issues it's very very severe. All supposedly for the "good of the people" and in the name of The Cause. My impression is that you are a "clean blogger". i did not mean to jump on yer shit before, but I would hate to see yet another person start out in "activism" or "citizen journalism" with good intentions and then turn to Sh;t cranking out stereotypes, false conclusions, and hate. It happens ALL the time. Nuthin' personal - stay awesome.

    1. I really can't believe she didn't have all of her i's dotted and t's crossed this time! You'd think knowing her job is on the line would have been enough.

      I didn't mind you or anyone else "jumping on my shit," provided there's an effort to base things on fact and logic. I really appreciate you keeping me and everyone else honest, and really you provided me with information that I didn't know about. In the effort to get information out quick, often times I catch myself making assumptions, incorrect reasoning, or even just reading things wrong, and I have to make some quick edits.

      We can win with facts, they're definitely on our side. So there's no point in skewing things, even though it can be easy to do.

      Thank you very much for your concern, constructive criticism, and encouragement!