Monday, April 2, 2012

Report From a Doug La Follette Nomination Circulator

I spent part of this weekend talking to people who vote for Democrats and some who vote for Republicans about Doug La Follette's campaign for Wisconsin Governor as I collected signatures for his nomination, and I've gotten a very good reception from everyone. After my introduction, I always went to "Doug La Follette doesn't take money from any special interests." I told them that fact is one of the primary reasons I'm supporting him for governor, and then I asked if they would be willing to support his name on the ballot. No one has turned me down yet. No more questions.

Everyone likes to hear that a candidate doesn't receive support from special interests, especially these days, and everyone I talked to was excited to help such a candidate get on the ballot.

This is positive news for Doug La Follette's campaign. All of the Democratic candidates are in a statistical dead-heat with Walker. So we're going to need a strong candidate with a stark contrast from Scott Walker, and Doug La Follette's confidence to stand for the people of Wisconsin without special interest support is the starkest contrast among the Democrats.

My experience this weekend also convinced me to create the No Special website to help us get special interest money out of our politics. It became quite clear to me that people in Wisconsin are yearning for candidates who reject special interests. With this and all the political energy on both sides right now, I believe Wisconsin can start blazing another political trail - the defeat of special interests in politics.

Help us make that happen by spreading the word and supporting candidates who refuse money from special interests.

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