Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ira Robbins: Candidate With No Special Interests

Ira Robbins, a retired police officer, is running for Lt. Governor of Wisconsin in the recall election against Rebecca Kleefisch. However, unlike the other candidates for Lt. Governor, Robbins doesn't take money from any special interests. In fact, he doesn't accept money from anyone. He's one of a few candidates with no special interests, a true people's candidate.

Robbins is a big supporter of teachers and collective bargaining rights. In fact, he's running on a platform of returning to quality education while getting special interest money out of politics.

Since Robbins doesn't take money from any special interests, he'll have no reason to listen to them if he's elected. No Koch brothers, no ALEC, and no unions. Only people. This doesn't mean that Robbins doesn't align with the interests of members of any organizations, he just won't give them special treatment like nearly every other politician - Democrat and Republican. See, he's for collective bargaining rights, but not for succumbing to every whim of unions.

I encourage you to take a look at his website at and find out more about Ira Robbins. If you think he would be a good Lt. Gov., he really needs your help getting the word out, because everyone else is getting lots of help from big special interests. Voting for people like Ira Robbins is the only way we'll get special interest money out of politics and return Wisconsin back to the people.

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