Thursday, April 12, 2012

Republican Sources: Ron Johnson Can't Do Anything But Gab

According to multiple Republican sources, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the joke on Wisconsin, can't get anything done and he's about to fire nearly his entire staff in a "temper tantrum." Johnson has spent too much time talking and not enough listening and working, and so he hasn't made any friends in the Senate and can't move any of his policies. Thank God.
“He’s an interesting case study of someone who has talked more than he has listened, lectured more than he has developed relationships with his colleagues, and now he’s having a tough time because of that behavior in advancing his policy goals. It’s kind of like watching a temper tantrum by a 2-year-old in the middle of the grocery store.”
Apparently, Johnson's troubles with his staff are no secret in Washington D.C. I can't say I didn't see this coming.

So, what's Ron Johnson's plan to turn things around for himself? Focus more on messaging!

Give me a minute to scrape myself off the floor.

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