Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where Are Wisconsin's Jobs? Wait Til After Recall Walker Says

Things were starting to look up for Wisconsin's job outlook at the beginning of the year, but Scott Walker's far-right policies have continued to hemorrhage jobs. Wisconsin lost 4,500 jobs in the month of March! All while the rest of the nation speeds to a recovery.

250,000 jobs. That's what Walker said he'd bring to Wisconsin in four years. Unfortunately for all of us, we've lost thousands of jobs since Walker took office. Walker hasn't brought any jobs to Wisconsin, instead he's made things worse.

In fact, Walker's fired over 1,400 teachers since he stripped their collective bargaining rights last spring. Even though he said his "tools" would prevent it.

So, where are all of those jobs Walker promised he'd create with his tax cuts for the corporations and massive budget cuts to education? They seem to be just to the south in Illinois where they've had lot's of successful job growth. Illinois didn't strip collective bargaining rights from their public workers or introduce massive cuts to education. No, only Walker did, and now we see the results.

Walker admitted trying to get those jobs we've lost to Illinois when he went to see the Illinois Chamber of Commerce yesterday. Unfortunately, it appears that because of Walker, those employers like the climate in Illinois much better.

No Republican governor even wants to be thought of as a Scott Walker after what he's done for Wisconsin.

However, Walker says that if you just wait until after the recall elections, Wisconsin will have a "dramatic" increase in the number of new jobs.

Trust me, Walker, employers are not waiting to see if you keep your job before they hire more workers. That's just plain asinine and narcissistic!

Many employers would like you gone right now. In fact, I predict that if Walker loses in the recall, there will be a dramatic increase in new jobs, but if he wins we're stuck. It's Walker's far-right policies that have kept jobs away, not the fear of recall elections. Just look at when we started hemorrhaging jobs, it was long before Walker's recall began.

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