Monday, April 9, 2012

Wanna See Scott Walker's Special Interests?

If you wanna see who Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's special interests are, now you can thanks to the superb interactive page put together by the Journal Sentinel. The page lets you visually compare how much money many of the recall candidates have received, from whom and from where.  It's as plain as day to see that nearly half (47%) of Walker's $12 million comes from out-of-state special interests, far more than any other candidate.

One of the other things you'll first notice is that Walker's top 5 donors are all rich individuals except one named "Unitemized."

I have no idea who's money is "Unitemized," but it's clear by the donors lists and the secretly-funded billboards popping up all over Wisconsin, that there's a few loud rich people who support Walker and are doing everything they can to make their voices louder than everyone else. It's time we take Wisconsin back for the people - not just the few rich and powerful!

We can't take Wisconsin back for the people until we get special interest money out of politics. In order to do that, we must support candidates who refuse money from special interests - any nonhuman entity, particularly those from out of state. On the No Special Interests website, you can quickly see which recall candidates take money from special interests and which do not.  From there you can decide which candidates to support or to help persuade your favorite candidate to stop taking money from special interests.

By the way, is Scott Walker breaking the law right now?

Join the grassroots movement to finally rid our politics of special interest money!

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