Monday, April 9, 2012

Is Scott Walker Breaking Wisconsin Law?

Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker breaking the law right now?

Walker set up a legal defense fund several weeks ago in response to the FBI's criminal John Doe investigation, otherwise known as Walkergate. This lead many to believe Walker must be a target of the investigation - most likely the John Doe.

However, Walker continues to say he's not a target in the investigation. Yet, if he's not a target in the investigation, then he's breaking the law, because that's the only time a legal defense fund can be setup under Wisconsin law. Several news organizations have asked Walker since, and none have gotten a straight answer. If Walker isn't breaking the law, then we deserve to know how and why.

It's time this gets investigated. Either Walker is breaking the law or he is not, and Wisconsin deserves to know. Who begins such an investigation? If it's Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, that explains why we still don't know. This is someone's responsibility, and these questions need to be answered now, particularly because he'll soon be standing before Wisconsin's recall.

Can someone please tell me how we determine if Scott Walker is breaking Wisconsin law? And has Walker met with prosecutors or the FBI yet?

Walker is either being investigated for breaking the law or he's breaking the law now.

Wisconsin needs answers now.

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