Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fox News Caught Lying On Camera

Here's a lesson in doing your own critical analysis on anything you may read, see, or hear. Mike Tobin from Fox News has reported that he was "punched" while standing in a crowd of protesters. However, he has refused to retract the statement or release footage of the experience even though it was being filmed. Unfortunately for Mike Tobin and Fox News, a citizen was filming the experience as well.

See for yourself how Mike Tobin was "punched" when a citizen tapped him on the shoulder, from firebelow at Just after the tap Mike Tobin yells, "A guy just hit me."

Why does this matter? Because the protesters have been exceptionally peaceful, but Fox News and Republicans seem to want to fictitiously portray the protesters in a bad light. It's an often used fallacy called ad hominem, and these people are good at it.

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