Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thousands Storm Capitol, Occupation Resumes

Thousands of protesters stormed the Capitol passed police officers after the Republican vote stripping collective bargaining rights from public employees. Thousands more are said to be descending upon the Capitol.
The ground floor and first flood appeared nearly as full as they were during the first days of the demonstrations more than three weeks ago, and protesters stayed in the Capitol defiantly chanting “recall” and “Whose house? Our house!”
Please, remember This Is A Peaceful Protest!

Also, the website is very slow, most likely from an overload of traffic.

Update: From GrumpyWarriorPoet, who was part of the storming of the Capitol, the protesters are peaceful, and the police haven't asked anyone to leave. They have asked the protesters to remove sticks from there signs, and everyone is complying.

A live stream from the Capitol is here.

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