Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Please Email Scott Walker

It's always so interesting how things can get "twisted". Scott Walker has been saying on television that the emails that he's been getting have been mostly supportive. Well the truth is starting to come out little by little.

A few days ago a group that did a sample of the emails confirmed that was the case. Then they removed the out of state emails (which were approximately 20% - the Koch brothers are out of state, aren't they?) Then the margin was much closer. Today a new analasis was done starting AFTER the incorrectly named Budget Repair Bill was announced and it is 2:1 AGAINST! Now that makes sense!!! That matches what the polls were showing.

I have not emailed Scott Walker at all - he already told the fake Koch brother that he was not changing his mind, not backing down ("backing down" is a subject for another post on what makes Scott Walker tick), that's why I have not emailed him.

Well it seems like the emails to Scott Walker are now something that matters - not from a perspective of changing his mind, but rather for polling reasons. So, please join me in emailing him!!! Let him know what you think of the "fake" Budget Repair Bill which was passed illegally and therefore is being held up in the courts, let him know what you think of his Budget bill, and let him know what you think of how he has managed to divide and polarize the state in a way that it never has been.

I just emailed him and let me tell you it felt good!

Here is Scott's email address:


  1. Also, be sure to say that you are from Wisconsin, if in fact you are. It matters to them, as it should, whether you're from Wisconsin. The best thing to do is provide your address.

  2. Yes, I should have mentioned that.

    I put my full name and my city and state! I'm not one of those folks, "sent in from Washington"! I'm from right here in Verona, WI and I would love for Scott to come on over and chat with me! ;-)

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