Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Chance to Vote - April 5

The first chance to vote since this whole mess started at the beginning of 2011 is coming right up. I feel like it's the most important election what I may ever vote in. It's our first chance to get people in who will support the people of Wisconsin, not the corporations.

We can also send a strong message by having a huge voter turnout that the people of Wisconsin have had it and we're making changes. The majority of those polled do not support what the Walker administration is doing and we need to show that at the polls. This is the first step in throwing out polarizing Republican officials in the upcoming recall elections.

There will be local races at the city, village, and town levels. At the state level we have the Supreme Court race, at the Dane County level we have County Exec and the corporation rights referendum.

JoAnne Kloppenburg is a vote for an independent voice. The incumbent, David Prosser will function as a tool of the Walker administration if re-elected.

Joe Parisi for County Exec will provide balance to county government.

Corporate Citizenship referendum ... corporations are not people! Vote accordingly.

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