Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Capitol Building Still Locked Down

Even though we were told it would open at 8am yesterday, the DOA is still only allowing a few people into the building for public hearings. A judge ordered the Capitol building open, but Walker's administration hasn't changed anything and is claiming that they're complying with the order.

Dane County deputies yesterday refused to be "palace guards." The Dane County sheriff said there were only a few minor incidents and the building should have been re-opened upon their resolution. He also complained that nearly all day no explanation was given for the lock down. He says, "We were not there to prevent (citizens') access to the Capitol," and the duty was then given to the State Patrol.

A hearing has been scheduled for 2:15pm regarding the Capitol lock-down.

Update: (3:58pm) No word on the court hearing. Building still locked down while thousands of protesters have come to hear Walker's budget.

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