Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Democrats Come Home To Defend Wisconsin

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller says, "It’s time for us to join the fight back in Wisconsin," Miller said. "It’s now a political fight that will be decided at the ballot box."
Senator Erpenbach said on MSNBC that he believes the vote will end up in court. The video is ridiculous. Check it out on WisconsinEye.

Update: (8:15pm) Senator Erpenbach on Rachel Maddow says that there are more tricks the Republicans can play. So the entire Wisconsin 14 will remain out of the state.


  1. The democrat's of wisconsin are a joke. They fled the state like a bunch of baby's.Stay and do your fucking job.I am sick of the corrupt union's and there puppet on a string politican's.Bring the fight on bitch'es will see what the majority of the hard working tax payer's have to say and i promise it will not be in the union and democrat's favor.

  2. The Wisconsin 14 are actually doing their job, as constitutionally written, see here.

    The majority of the hard working tax payers have spoken, and they have said repeatedly and overwhelmingly the Republicans are wrong.

    Do you intend to say firefighters and teachers are corrupt? Because that's what you say when you say the unions are corrupt. Unions brought us the 40 hour work week, overtime, and better working conditions. In fact, Wisconsin and unions are the reason why we like to thank God it's Friday.

    The real puppet is Scott Walker who is doing exactly what the big corporations and their billionaire owners such as the Koch brothers want him to do. They want him to destroy the unions so they can pay us less for more crap work. If you don't believe me, read about what work was like before unions.